Request to all visitors


Coronavirus infections on the rise in Okinawa.
For this reason, we would like to ask for the understanding and cooperation of travelers visiting Okinawa to take basic infection control measures in your trip.

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Request for Foreign Tourists to Okinawa For preventing infection during your visit.


Before your trip
Before coming to Okinawa, be sure to thoroughly observe your health. Have regular medicines and test kit ready for cases when you get a fever.
If you are not feeling well, please postpone your visit. We look forward to seeing you again. You may be eligible for free reimbursement for cancellation fees for flights, etc., with a doctor’s note. Please call the respective office for more information.
If you suspect concentrated contact with highly contagious diseases such as influenza or COVID-19, please change your plans to avoid contact with the elderly, such as returning home or changing your stay at a private guest house to a hotel.


During your trip
Please follow the infection control rules required by the services you use (hotels, diving stores, etc.).
Depending on local epidemic conditions and the risk of contact with elderly people, you may be required to wear masks or take other enhanced infection control measures.
If you are not feeling well, do not go out and rest at your hotel. If you are not sure whether you should see a doctor or where you should see a doctor, call the Okinawa Medical Interpreter Support Center at 0570-050-235.


After your trip
If you return from your trip and recognize symptoms and are diagnosed with a highly contagious illness such as influenza or COVID-19, please inform your family back home and the people you came in contact with in Okinawa such as the family of the guest house you stayed at, the elderly facilities you visited, and others to the extent possible.

To all visitors: Situation of “Consultation for Illnesses” after the May 8 Reclassification of COVID-19

consultation for illnesses

※Foreign tourists are not covered by Japan’s public insurance, so purchasing of overseas travel insurance is called for through websites
※ Foreign tourists in need of an interpreter can obtain support from the Okinawa Medical Interpreter Support Center, which is an Inbound Medical Care Acceptance System Development Project

To all visitors: Situation of “PCR tests” after the May 8 Reclassification of COVID-19


PCR and other inspections have been conducted for travelers at Naha Airport and remote island airports (Miyako and Shin-Ishigaki), but have been terminated on May 7 in accordance with the reclassification to Category 5.
Visitors who wish to be PCR tested are requested to take measures at the following medical institutions and laboratories.
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website

Useful resources

JNTO Multilingual Visitor Hotline
Multilingual Visitor Hotline (24H) [PDF:570KB]

Okinawa COVID-19 Information Website
Latest updates on COVID-19 in Okinawa

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advisory Information
Measures by the Government of Japan

Be.Okinawa Inbound Medical Interpreter Call Center
Tel: 0570-050-235
Reception hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Available languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), Korean, Portuguese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Spanish, Indonesian, Thai, Nepali, French, Russian, Myanmar, Hindi, Mongolian, Persian, Taiwanese (18 languages)
*Foreign tourists who don’t require urgent treatment will be advised on their symptoms over the phone and offered information to clinics that can respond in the visitor’s supporting language.

The Latest COVID-19 Measures, Recommendations, and Guidelines for a Safe Vacation in Okinawa
Further details can be found in the following page.
COVID-19: Safe Travel in Okinawa

Latest information on entry restrictions to Japan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan