An eco-friendly journey. Rediscover the magic of Motobu. An introduction to Motobu Story Quest.


Trials will begin on February 12, 2024 for Motobu Story Quest, a sustainable travel service using EV taxis operated by the Town of Motobu, Tobu Top Tours Co. Ltd., Daiichi Kotsu Sangyo Co. Ltd. and Sumitomo Corporation.

This service uses EV taxis, vehicles that emit no CO2 during driving, to achieve eco-friendly, sustainable travel by solving issues of secondary and tertiary traffic in Okinawa and alleviating overtourism.A gradually growing number of people are willing to spend money to engage in sustainable travel.We expect this trend to continue to intensify worldwide. By conducting this proving test in Okinawa, one of Japan’s most attractive destinations, we hope to bring even more attention to the attractions of Okinawa and develop similar tours in other regions.Proving tests are scheduled to be conducted from February 12 to Nov 30, 2024.

Motobu Story Quest is a transportation service that will tour Motobu in fascinating Okinawa by EV taxi.In a privately hired EV, tourists can enjoy a fascinating trip while being kind to the environment.Three model itineraries are prepared: explorations of Motobu’s oceans, culture and seasons, respectively.Of course, you are welcome to customize your itinerary, creating an original tour by selecting the places you’d most like to visit.As you visit each destination, you will be gifted a free Non-fungible Token (NFT) filled with memories of your tour.A story to stoke your curiosity awaits you in Motobu, Okinawa.To learn more, please visit the website for this service, linked at the URL below.