iriomote island shichi festival
iriomote island shichi festival
iriomote island shichi festival
Last updated: 2023/06/16
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Iriomote Island Shichi Festival

西表島 節祭(シチ)
2023/10/08 - 2023/10/10
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Experience a 500-year-old festival in celebration of a good harvest on Iriomote Island

The lush, densely forested island of Iriomote Island is home to distinct traditions shaped by its relative isolation. Among these is the Shichi Festival, a 500-year-old event in which island villagers give thanks for a good harvest, and pray for health, happiness, and a bountiful harvest in the year ahead. Visitors can enjoy lion dances, stick fights, and other performing arts at this unique festival, which typically takes place in late October. The Iriomote Island Shichi Festival is an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan.

Maedomari Hama (Sonai), Mae-no Hama (Hoshitate)
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