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Last updated: 2022/02/21
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Motobu Yaedake Cherry Blossom Festival

Refer to the official event website or contact the organizer for the most up-to-date information.

Stroll beneath a blanket of deep pink cherry blossoms at Yaedake Sakura-no-Mori Park

Cherry blossoms are an integral part of Japanese culture, and the sakura season starts early in Okinawa, typically lasting between mid-January and early February. Enjoy the serenity of nature as you walk along a winding road under a canopy of beautiful pink cherry blossoms to the 453-meter summit of Mt. Yaedake.

Yaedake Sakura-no-Mori Park
MAPCODE : 206 830 545*64
Available (free parking)
Request for donations for the preservation and cultivation of Motobu Yaedake cherry blossoms:
We would appreciate it if you could give a donation (¥500 per car or small vehicle) for the purpose of preserving the nature, providing visitors a safe and clean environment, and foresting cherry blossom and other trees in the Yaedake area.
Event Website *only in Japanese
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