itoman hare
itoman hare
itoman hare
Last updated: 2024/05/17
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Itoman Hare

2024/06/09 - 2024/06/09
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Discover the deep connection between Okinawa and the sea at the Itoman Hare, where Okinawans display their prowess as master seafarers

The Itoman Hare is an annual dragon boat racing event in June that attracts over 30,000 visitors. Participants pray for a plentiful catch and blessings of safety from ocean deities before competing in diverse races, such as a youth race, a capsize race where participants flip their boat, and more. Marvel at the sheer power and skill of competitors in the Agai Subu, the heart-pounding 2150-meter grand finale.

Itoman Fishing Port in Nakachi
MAPCODE : 232 455 130*60
Available (free parking)
Itoman Tourism Association *only in Japanese
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