nago cherry blossom festival
nago cherry blossom festival
nago cherry blossom festival
Last updated: 2024/01/24
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Nago Cherry Blossom Festival

2024/01/27 - 2024/01/28
Refer to the official event website or contact the organizer for the most up-to-date information.

Take in Okinawa’s cherry blooms at Nago Central Park and Nago Castle Site

The connection between Japan and cherry blossoms is timeless, and Okinawa’s are among the earliest to bloom, typically between mid-January and early February. Enjoy deep pink blooms strolling among the trees at Nago Central Park, or exploring the ruins of Nago Castle. During the festival period a stage is set up and eisa and Ryukyu dances are performed.

Nago Central Park, Festival Square Special Stage (Sakura Park), Nago Crossroads Boulevard, Nago Fishing Port
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Availiable(free parking)
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