naha hari
naha hari
naha hari
Last updated: 2024/04/05
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Naha Hari/Hare

2024/05/03 - 2024/05/05
Refer to the official event website or contact the organizer for the most up-to-date information.

Watch as mighty dragons race along the waves in Okinawa’s largest dragon boat racing event

Okinawans display their prowess as master seafarers at the Naha Hari—Okinawa’s largest dragon boat racing event—which is held annually in May and attracts over 180,000 spectators. Watch as local youths and adults alike race in colorfully decorated, 14.5-meter-long boats carved with dragon figureheads. Visitors can enjoy riding in a hari boat, musical performances, sumo wrestling, and a fireworks display over the ocean accompanied by music. Hari (sometimes also, hare) are traditional festivals held to pray for bountiful harvests and safety at sea.

Naha Shinko (Naha New Port) Pier
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