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  • 2024/05/10
    Habu Jellyfish Outbreak Advisory
    The oceans of Okinawa are home to the habu jellyfish, a highly venomous species. Every year there is a surge in the number of sting victims in beach season. In 2023, there were 66 incidents of peopl...
  • 2024/02/05
    An eco-friendly journey. Rediscover the magic of Motobu. An introduction to Motobu Story Quest.
    Trials will begin on February 12, 2024 for Motobu Story Quest, a sustainable travel service using EV taxis operated by the Town of Motobu, Tobu Top Tours Co. Ltd., Daiichi Kotsu Sangyo Co. Ltd. and Su...
  • 2023/10/04
    Beware of acute allergic reactions due to ‘jimami’ peanut tofu.
    There has been an increasing number of cases of tourists with peanut allergies who have eaten jimami peanut tofu at restaurants in Okinawa Prefecture, causing an acute allergic reaction anaphylact...
  • 2023/07/27
    Notice to expressway users
    The airport side entrance/exit of the Tomigusuku-Nakachi IC on the Naha Airport Expressway is closed. Please cooperate by using an alternative route. 한국어  简体中文   Click image to e...
  • 2023/07/07
    Notice of Naha Airport International Terminal Construction
    Due to construction work outside the Naha Airport International Terminal, the 1st  floor entrance is currently closed. Upon arrival, please go up to the 2nd floor, pass through the connecting passage...