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Flights Between Islands

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Naha Airport is the hub for flights to Okinawa’s beautiful remote islands. Air links connect visitors with the Miyako and Yaeyama islands in the south, the Daito Islands in the east, and Kume Island in the west. Flights also operate to islands in Kagoshima to the north; Amami, Okinoerabu, and Yoron.

There are some flight links between remote islands such as Miyako, Ishigaki, and Yonaguni, and ferries provide access to smaller islands without airports. Island hopping by air or sea is a fun way to explore Okinawa.

*As of September 2018

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Flights from Naha Airport

From Flight Time Airline
Ishigaki Airport
About 1 hr
Miyako Airport
About 55 min
Kumejima Airport
About 35 min
Minami-Daito Airport
About 55 min
Kita-Daito Airport
About 1 hr
Shimojishima Airport
About 50 min
Yonaguni Airport
About 1 hr 20 min
Amami Airport (Kagoshima)
About 1 hr
Yoron Airport (Kagoshima)
About 40 min
Okinoerabu Airport (Kagoshima)
About 45 min

Flights Between Remote Islands

From Flight Time Airline
Ishigaki Airport–Miyako Airport
About 30 min
Ishigaki Airport–Yonaguni Airport
About 30 min
Miyako Airport–Tarama Airport
About 25 min
Minami-Daito Airport–Kita-Daito Airport
About 20 min