march hiking okinawa

Okinawa in March

Spring is in the air in Okinawa in March and the pleasant weather is ideal for outdoor activities

March in Okinawa is more than just a prelude to summer fun. Mild temperatures make conditions ideal for hiking adventures, games of golf, and other outdoor activities. It is also a good season to explore Okinawa’s rich ceramic traditions by visiting a pottery market. And some beaches begin opening for the swimming season.

Quick tips

  • Early March can be a bit chilly, so err on the side of caution and keep a jacket or sweater handy. Late March brings warmer temperatures, so you can make do with short sleeves.
  • Beach season begins towards the end of March. It is a good time to spend some time on the sand without the crowds of the peak summer months.
  • Many festivals in March feature fantastic floral arrangements. Check tourist information to see if any events coincide with your trip.

March weather in Okinawa

march spring flowers
Flowers bloom as the weather begins to warm up in March.

Daytime temperatures in March average around 18 degrees Celsius (64 degrees Fahrenheit), with highs around 22 and lows around 14 degrees. The weather in March is a bit unpredictable, with some days sunny and summer-like and others much cooler. Keep sunscreen handy as the sun’s rays can be quite strong.

What to do in March

march kerama islands
Enjoy spectacular views of the “Kerama Blue” waters of the Kerama Islands.

The mild March weather is perfect for hiking. Trails on the Kerama Islands offer spectacular views of the ocean and are lined with budding wildflowers. The islands have pristine beaches for relaxing, too.

With cool temperatures, March is an ideal time for browsing Okinawa’s pottery markets. Discover a variety of yachimun pottery with colors and decorative patterns that reflect the distinct artistic styles of Okinawa’s many islands.

Golf enthusiasts will find the March weather great for a day on the green, with courses located throughout the main island of Okinawa and beyond.

Springtime hiking and ocean views

march yambaru national park
Fresh spring greenery is one of the highlights of a hike in March.

Okinawa is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers, and March is the perfect time to see its diverse flora and fauna in a season of rebirth.

Yambaru National Park

With its primeval landscape of subtropical forests, mangrove trees, and coral reefs, Yambaru National Park offers a unique hiking experience. Make your way to Hiji Falls, Okinawa’s tallest waterfall, or Tataki Falls (in southern Ogimi), where two cascades descend into a pool surrounded by lush vegetation. Guided tours through the forests of Yanbaru are readily available, and can be booked through hotels, information centers, and online.

Keramashoto National Park

Encompassing the Kerama Islands, Keramashoto National Park offers trails of various levels. Paths lead to the highest points on Zamami, Tokashiki, and Aka islands, where observatories provide panoramic views of azure seas and white beaches. Travelers in March might even catch a glimpse of breaching humpback whales.

Okinawa yachimun pottery

march yachimun pottery
Admire the colorful designs of yachimun pottery.

Colorful decorations and delightful designs are the hallmarks of Okinawa yachimun pottery. March weather is perfect for shopping at the Yachimun no Sato pottery village in Yomitan, where you can purchase pottery from local artisans and discover the inspiration behind their designs. Learn about the history and process of making pottery at the Naha Municipal Tsuboya pottery Museum in Naha, where a wide range of pieces showcase the breadth of Okinawan craftsmanship. Tour operators also offer guided pottery tours and experiences.

Golfing in Okinawa

march golf course okinawa
Hit the green of Okinawa’s many golf courses.

The fairways in Okinawa beckon golfers from all over the world, and the mild temperatures make March an ideal time to sharpen your swing. Okinawa has a wide range of resort and public courses, from the main island to Miyako Island. Wherever you choose, you will be teeing off to spectacular views.

Events in March

March in Okinawa heralds the blooming of flowers, with festivals featuring colorful arrangements throughout the islands. These floral events are fun for the whole family. Okinawa also hosts one of its largest pottery markets in March.

*Event dates are subject to change, and some events may be canceled or postponed due to weather and other circumstances.

march higashi village azalea festival
Beautiful blooming azaleas

Azaleas abound

See over 50,000 azaleas in gradients of red, pink, purple, and white as they bloom along the hedgerows of an eco-park at the Higashi Village Azalea Festival.

march okinawa zoo museum
View hedges manicured to resemble animals, and then see the real thing.

Flora and fauna

Exquisitely manicured flowering hedges resemble elephants, giraffes, and other animals at the Okinawa Zoo & Museum Flower Festival. Colorful patchwork floral displays and various events and performances make for a magical experience.

march okinawa yachimun pottery
Pick up some finely crafted Okinawan pottery at a market.

Pottery bazaar

Discover a wealth of pottery featuring styles from all over Okinawa at the annual All-Okinawa Yachimun Pottery Market in Onna Village. Purchase finely crafted ceramics from studios all over Okinawa, as well as other local products, all in one place.