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Flavors of Okinawa

Fresh Seafood Markets

Try the freshest daily catch at one of Okinawa’s many seafood markets

The islands of Okinawa are surrounded by warm, clear waters, teeming with fish. The tuna catch in Okinawa is among the largest in Japan, and fresh tuna is easy to come by. You can find a large variety of fresh fish at the seafood markets and eateries near Okinawa’s fishing ports. Many stores at the seafood markets can prepare your chosen catch on the spot, so that you can enjoy super fresh sushi, sashimi, tempura and simmered seafood dishes.

Tomari Iyumachi

At the Tomari Iyumachi (Fish Market) in Naha, you can find specialized tuna vendors from the Okinawa Fishing Cooperative. If you are lucky, you may see a whole tuna being filleted. As well as stores specializing in tuna, you can find stores featuring shellfish and mozuku seaweed, a specialty of Okinawa.

There are several stores selling ready-to-eat seafood, including tuna sashimi, rice topped with seafood, and tempura. About 70 percent of the catch sold here is tuna, so Tomari Iyumachi is one of the best places to try fresh tuna.

1-1-18 Minatomachi, Naha Ctiy, Okinawa Prefecture
Tomari Iyumachi *only in Japanese

Awase Fishing Port (Payao Direct Sales Market)

You can find a large variety of fresh seafood at this market next to the port in Awase. There is an adjoining food court, where you can enjoy freshly prepared catch of the day. Try sushi and sashimi, sea urchin, tempura, fish grilled with butter, or grilled spiny lobster. You can also buy general cooking ingredients and condiments.

1-11-34 Awase, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture
Okinawashi Payao Store *only in Japanese

Itoman Fishing Cooperative Osakana Center

itoman osakana center

Itoman Osakana Center is located next to Itoman City Market, just steps away from the fishing port at Itoman. You can buy fresh fish landed at the port that morning, along with local snacks and prepared dishes. Try freshly made sushi, fried fish, freshly shucked oysters and cooked shrimp. There is a food court area where you can enjoy your pick of fresh seafood.

4-19 Nishizaki-cho, Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture
Itoman Fishing Cooperative Osakana Center *only in Japanese

Ojima Imaiyu Market

ojima imaiyu market

Ojima Island is an island connected by bridge to the main island, about a 40-minute drive from Naha Airport. Ojima Imaiyu Market is a small market selling fresh local catches and produce.

You can buy sashimi, sushi, and rice bowls topped with fresh seafood, as well as fruit and vegetables from nearby Nanjo City.

Try the local seaweed tempura, made with locally-harvested mozuku and asa. There are shaded outdoor tables where you can enjoy your fresh seafood lunch.

19-9 Ou, Tamagusuku, Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture
Ojima Imaiyu Market

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