okinawa by bus

Okinawa by Bus

Buses are a convenient way to get around Okinawa, especially on the main island

Okinawa’s main island is served by a convenient bus network that connects popular destinations. Options include local buses, airport services, and tour buses. Some remote islands also have bus services, but the situation varies from island to island.

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Local services

public bus service okinawa

Community bus services operate across the main island. Fares can be paid with cash or an OKICA IC card. These rechargeable cards can be purchased at monorail stations, bus depots, and certain FamilyMart convenience stores around Okinawa. If you are paying in cash, it is important to note that ¥5,000 and ¥10,000 bills cannot be accepted on buses, so prepare change before boarding. You can use ¥1,000 bills and all coins except ¥1 and ¥5 coins.

Money-saving passes are available for unlimited bus travel, or a combination of bus and monorail travel. Choose between limited-area passes covering Naha, or all-access passes covering the entire island. For more information about bus passes, visit the Naha Bus counter in the domestic terminal of Naha Airport, the ticket office at the Naha Bus Terminal, or the Naha City Tourist Information Center. For online information, visit the (*only in Japanese) website.

For information on local bus routes and timetables, visit Okinawa Bus.

Airport services

Airport Limousine buses are a convenient way to travel from Naha Airport directly to your hotel or resort. There are several routes, and most service the northern and central parts of the island. You can make reservations for the Airport Limousine online, but you can also board without a reservation providing seats are available.

Visit the links below for Airport Limousine reservations.

For information on Airport Limousine routes and timetables, visit Okinawa Bus. For boarding locations, visit Aboard-Buses Guidance.

Shuttle buses

Shuttles buses from Naha Airport are available to some of the destinations including Chatan Town and Onna Village in Central Okinawa Main Island known as resort area, also Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium and so on. You can make reservation online; free pass is available for some routes as well.

Visit the links below for more information about routes and timetables.

Naha Airport ⇄ Chatan Town
Karry Kanko

Naha Airport ⇄ Onna Village ⇄ Nago City ⇄ Motobu Town
Okinawa Airport Shuttle

Naha Airport ⇄ Nago City ⇄ Motobu Town ⇄ Nakijin Village
Yanbaru Express Bus *only in Japanese

Kokusai Dori Street ⇄ Naha Airport ⇄ Senaga Island ⇄ Toyosaki ⇄ Itoman City
TOKYO BUS *only in Japanese

Tour buses

Tour buses are a great way to travel between some of the most popular sightseeing destinations on the island. There are two main types; regular sightseeing buses, and chartered buses. Regular sightseeing buses prioritize reservations, but can be boarded without a reservation depending on availability.

Chartered buses must be arranged in advance, and are perfect for large tour groups to travel comfortably. Some companies also offer special seasonal tours as well.

Visit the links below for more information about routes and reservations.

Local Bus Services on Ishigaki Island

Route buses including routes that take you to the airport and Kabira Bay, as well as routes that go around the island operate from bus terminals in the city. Cash is the only method of payment for fares, so make sure to have some change ready before boarding. You can purchase a free pass that allows you to ride all bus routes as much as you like at the bus terminal or on the bus.
The BUS MAP OKINAWA provides information on bus routes and timetables.

There are also regular sightseeing buses that tour Ishigaki Island's most famous scenic spots. Reservations for regular sightseeing buses must be made at least one day in advance. For information on buses on Ishigaki Island, please visit the Azuma Transport (*only in Japanese) website.

Local Bus Services on Miyako Islands

Along with the routes on Miyako Island, there are additionally routes that go to Shimoji Island Airport by means of Irabu Island, and routes to Kurima and Ikema Islands.
To find out about bus routes and timetables, check out BUS MAP OKINAWA or BUS GO! (*only in Japanese).

To book regular sightseeing buses, reach out to CHUO KOTSU.

Bus etiquette

Please switch off mobile phones when near priority seats. Please set your phone to silent mode, and refrain from talking while aboard.

Please do not eat, drink, litter, or smoke aboard buses, trains, or in stations.

Be mindful of other passengers when handling heavy or oversized luggage.

For detailed route information, visit Transport Navi Okinawa or BUS MAP OKINAWA.