okinawa main island

Okinawa Main Island

Okinawa’s largest island is home to national parks, World Heritage sites, and iconic island culture

Okinawa’s main island is the largest and most populated of its many beautiful islands. It stretches more than 100 kilometers north-south, and is surrounded by many small islands, some of which can be accessed via bridges. From the dramatic karst landscapes and thick forests of the north, to the chic seafront promenades in Chatan and the ramparts of former castles at places like Shurijo Castle Park in the south, the landscape of the main island varies from region to region. The north is known for Yambaru National Park, and the many high-end resort hotels that hug the coastline of Onna Village. The central region preserves Okinawa’s pottery heritage, and boasts oceanfront entertainment complexes. The south is home to Ryukuan heritage, WWII battle sites, and Okinawa’s capital city, Naha.

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